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Yum Heart

Yum Heart Icon

In-Game Appearance


Tears Appearance


Item Type

Activated Collectible

Pickup Quote

Space to use

Collection Grid:
A, 1, 6

Recharge Time:

Treasure Room
Maggy's starting item
Dropped by Super Lust

Unlocked By:
Have 7 heart containers in 1 playthrough.

A typical cartoonish heart, with a large bite taken out of it, and two drops of blood spitting out of where the bite has been taken.


Upon activation, the player will have 1 empty heart container restored. If Isaac is already at full health or is only missing half of a heart container, the overhealing will be wasted, and the Yum Heart will begin its full cooldown.


  • Yum Heart is useless for ???, as he has no use for normal hearts in general.
  • It is possible for Super Lust to drop this item upon defeat.


  • If you have The Battery, the 9 Volt, or the Habit, you can refill your health much faster.
  • Having the Habit and The Wafer will give you functional invincibility, provided you always use the Yum Heart when it becomes active. Does not work if you are playing as ??? or otherwise have no remaining heart containers.
  • If you do not have The Wafer, you can still take advantage of this until you reach The Womb, where all damage becomes one whole heart. 
  • The Habit, when combined with Yum Heart, can allow the player to use Blood Donation Machines for free as the damage taken can be restored with Yum Heart indefinitely.


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