Item Type Effect Info Rooms to Recharge

The Enchanted Die

File:Enchanted Die.png

Activated Allows you to reroll the enemies in a room, similiar to the D6. The enemies can be from anywhere in the game, but it cannot be a boss or mini-boss. Holding this item will cause you to fight a random boss when you enter the boss room.

by 00_13

The random boss fought can be any boss except for Mom, Mom's Heart, It Lives, Satan, Isaac, or ???. The boss can even be one of the Seven Deadly Sins or one of the Super Seven Deadly Sins.

Unlocked by completing a run without using any keys.

The Devil's Contract Trinket Makes every devil room item 1/2 a soul heart, but deals -1 damage against The Fallen,, Krampus and Satan. It cannot be switched out Unlocked by defeating Satan while holding three unholy items. You cannot be holding any holy items for the trinket to be unlocked.
Shopkeeper's Head Trinket Devil Rooms hold 4 items instead of 2. Unlocked by defeating Greed while holding Counterfeit Penny or Bloody Penny.
The Confused Tongue Trinket Increases projectile damage, but projectiles are shot in random directions

Unlocked by defeating Satan holding The Devil's Contract with all seven characters.

Defeating Satan while holding this trinket will allow access to the Tower of Babel.

The Book of Lucifer Activated Acts like the Book of Belial, only it allows you to go past the damage limit. Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Judas. 7
Faith Cake Activated Gives you one heart container and one eternal heart. Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Magladene. 7
Lucky Talisman Passive
  • Greatly increases chances of items dropping from poo and fires, increases chances of finding golden poo.
  • Increases chances of getting final rewards from Slot Machines, Blood Donation Machines, Fortune Telling Machines and Shell Games.
  • Increases chances of finding rare items.
  • Increases chances of finding good things in red chests
  • Increases chances of finding items in Secret Rooms and Curse Rooms.
Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Cain.
Rage Bandana Passive Increases damage each time Isaac clears a room for the current floor. Similar to Bloody Lust. Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Samson.
Angel Hand Activated

Removes one Soul Heart in echange for gaining half an eternal heart. Similar to Guppy's Paw

Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as ???. 0
The Golden Poop Activated Drops a golden poop. Unlocked by destroying 50 golden poop piles. 3
The Campfire Activated Drops a Campfire that may contain a heart or a coin and that will damage anything that touches it. Unlocked by destroying 50 Hellfires. 1
Retaliation Passive When you are hit, several troll bombs spawn around you. Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Eve.
Demon Eyes Tears Changes tears to a Brimstone that fires in all cardinal directions, similar to the attack The Fallen makes. The firing rate is a bit lower than regular Brimstone Unlocked by completing the Tower of Babel as Isaac.
Greed's Mark Passive Enemies drop pennies (rarely nickels and dimes) when hit. Unlocked by defeating Super Greed while holding the "Shopkeeper's Head" trinket.
Steel-Toed Boots Passive Blood trails, pee trails, and sludge do no damage. Curse Rooms also do no damage when entering or exiting them. Speed is also reduced by 1. Unlocked by entering 8 curse rooms in one sucessful playthrough.
Pulsation Activated Acts like Pride's pulse wave attack. Recharges in 6 seconds. Unlocked by defeating Super Pride while holding the "The Left Hand" trinket. 0
Devil Friend Farmiliar Acts like Bum Friend, only it takes hearts and half hearts. Unlocked by dying in an I AM ERROR room.
Lil' Fetus Farmiliar Shoots bombs like Dr. Fetus. Unlocked by defeating Satan holding Epic Fetus.
Mini Candle Farmiliar Can be lit by a Campfire. When lit, it acts like a more powerful version of Guppy's Hairball. Over time, the candle will burn out. Unlocked by completing Sheol holding The Candle.
Rainbow Candy Tears Makes Isaac's tears random effects each shot. Unlocked by completing Sheol holding Rainbow Baby.
Duke's Tooth Activated Summons The Duke of Flies, who goes around the room, summoning Blue Flies every second for 5 seconds and disappearing afterwards. Unlocked by completing Sheol holding Guppy's Head. 3
Instant Meal Activated Gives you a random heart container upgrading item. Unlocked by having twelve spirit hearts. 7
Goat Heart Passive Gives you three heart containers. Unlocked by entering the Tower of Babel.
Mom's Heart Passive Gives you five heart containers Unlocked by holding all of Mom's items.

Tower of Babel (floor idea)

The Tower of Babel, "the place that seperated mankind through confusion and fear" (as said by SirAston), is level accessed by beating Satan with the "Key to the City" trinket. The level looks like the walls of the Tower of Babel, with the music being "Latter Days" in B. There are about 25 rooms, with most of them containing bosses. Duplicate bosses are more common than they were in Sheol. The Tower of Babel has a bigger variety of enemies and bosses. Super sins are more common here.

Monsters encountered in the Tower of Babel

Bosses and variations encountered in the Tower of Babel

Lucifer (boss)

Lucifer is the boss found at the end of the Tower of Babel. The music that plays is "My Innermost Apocolypse" in B He has three forms. Using the Bible on him will kill the player instantly, similar to Satan. Using the Book of Sin or the Book of Lucifer, however, kills his first and second form, allowing the player to quickly skip to his final form. While his first two forms have only two thirds of the health the second form of Satan has, the third form is tough.

His first form consists of three attacks. One is spawning a bunch of blood bullets, similar to Monstro's attack. Another is quickly spitting up towards the player 3 blood bombs in a row that explode when they touch the floor, similar to the ones spawned by Mom's Heart. Lucifer's final attack can be only used by him when his health is 25% or under. His final attack is rapidly firing blood bullets in cardinal and diagonal directions.

Lucifer's second form leaves a trail of blood similar to the ones Brain, Blighted Ovum and Super Lust leave. The blood trail quickly disappears. He moves diagonally, similar to The Hollow, randomly firing blood beams (similar to those of Vis and Gluttony in all cardinal directions.

Lucifer's final form is similar to the final form of Satan, only with no Leeches. After Lucifer's legs land, his giant head lands, spawning a 12-way blood bullet spray similar to the one Peep makes and a Monstro-like spray of blood bullets. He occasionally (every time he loses 10% of his health) spawns bosses in this form, and will not attack or be attackable while a boss is on the screen. Lucifer spawns The Bloat, The Carrion Queen, Teratoma, Monstro II, The Husk, Blighted Ovum and The Hollow. When he gets down to 20% of his health, Lucifer uses his hands, which don't come down as quick as his legs, yet are still quite the obstacles.

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