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  • ZeroZeroThirteen

    Item Type Effect Info Rooms to Recharge

    The Enchanted Die


    Activated Allows you to reroll the enemies in a room, similiar to the D6. The enemies can be from anywhere in the game, but it cannot be a boss or mini-boss. Holding this item will cause you to fight a random boss when you enter the boss room.

    by 00_13

    The random boss fought can be any boss except for Mom, Mom's Heart, It Lives, Satan, Isaac, or ???. The boss can even be one of the Seven Deadly Sins or one of the Super Seven Deadly Sins.

    Unlocked by completing a run without using any keys.

    The Devil's Contract Trinket Makes every devil room item 1/2 a soul heart, but deals -1 damage against The Fallen,, Krampus and Satan. It cannot be switched out Unlocked by defeating Satan while holding three un…

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