• Threefatesgames

    What’s going on with the final final ending of BoI?

    In the absolute final ending, Isaac defeats XXX, and we see a series of Polaroid photos. Some of these photos are inane, some revealing, and some simply intriguing and obtuse.

    Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

    #1: Isaac with his mother, and what appears to be his father. A small man with a white undershirt and sweat pants, with thin hair and a mustache. Isaac looks up happily at his mother, who smiles down benevolently at him, while Isaac’s father grins with what seems like fatherly pride. This is one of the simple ones: Isaac’s family, complete and happy.

    #2: This photo adds a great amount of evidence to the “alternate characters are Isaac in costume” theory many fans have presented. At n…

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