• TAGM

    Now, a few people here and there have made some theories up on the recent added ending. Obviously, spoilers ahead for those who haven't seen it, though, so... careful. I'd like to throw my own out here:

    The Issac we play is NOT the actual Issac, in any sence.

    Run with me here: The first ending shows that Issac was busy writing the very first "Bible kills mom" ending down, and then BOOM, mom appears. Genuine supprise on the part of Issac there, but he has not crawled into the toy chest.

    Then, the next 9 or so endings basicaly have him open the toy chest and find more and more stuff - not really 100% important to plot.

    Then, we find the dead baby, and then, we see Issac crawl into the toy chest to escape the horrors of Mom.

    Now, let's throw a the…

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