• Pokemonlord501

    i fucking love this game. totaly worth the money. now befor i get started i must tell everybody that im awsome. plain and simple. sonic and rainbow dash. idk what i was going with that lol. back to the game. im a major gamer and i love this game but i must admit. its fucking hard as shit. i havent even beaten the first five levels. the floating hearts and masks are realy hard. they are what killed me the first time i got to the fith level. lol i suck. my main stratigy is power. and satanic items. i love using marry and geting stuff like the pentagram or brother boby or the whore of babylon. stuff like that. because she has lots of health and isaac dies quick. once i tryed to do that stuff with eve but she died befor i found the room. lol t…

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