Champions(bosses only)

Mechanics(tiles, room types etc)

Holy tile

You can pass over a holy tile, but ground enemies can't.Flying enemies can still pass over them.Looks like a regular tile, but with a cross on it like The Relic.

Unholy tile

The exact opposite of the holy tile.You can't cross it (unless you are flying), but enemies can.Looks like a regular tile with a symbol similiar to Lord of the Pit.

Spacebar items

The Wormhole

Places a wormhole that sucks enemies and damages them on contact.Lasts 15 seconds.

Looks like a warp zone portal in Super Meat boy.

Found in Treasure Rooms, but more commonly in Secret rooms

Unlocked by teleporting 30 times total

Passive Items


(pickup message: Warp Bombs) The bombs now create a warp(like The Wormhole) that lasts 5 seconds.Gives you 5 bombs. Looks like a bomb with a wormhole drawn on it.

Found in treasure rooms, a rare drop from Wrath/Super Wrath.

Not an unlockable

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