Many of you are wondering why the wiki is not allowing any Rebirth content. The reason for this is that we want a separate wiki for Rebirth and the original game, and because we prefer gamepedia as a platform.

Q: Why?

Ans: Having two separate wikis makes everything much more organized and less confusing to new readers, especially for a remake like Rebirth that also has a lot of new content added in.

Q: Is this wiki going to stay?

Ans: Yes, of course. It'll be the same as always, and anyone is free to contribute content to it as long as it relates to the base game.

Q: Where should I go for the Rebirth wiki?

Ans: The Rebirth Wiki at gamepedia is endorsed by /r/bindingofisaac on reddit and the admins of this wiki. It is advised that you visit it for all your Rebirth content.

Q: So all of our contributions for Rebirth are going to waste?

Ans: Sort of. For the time being, Rebirth pages are being marked for deletion, but none are being deleted yet. You are free to go to the page's history and copy any new content for Rebirth into the other wiki as you see fit.

Q: Why not advertise the other wiki on the main page?

Ans: The wiki belongs to Gamepedia, and as per wikia's rules, we cannot display a permanent external link to another wiki that is not under the wikia platform.

Q: Are any of the admins on our wiki going to be at the other wiki?

Ans: Yes, former admin Doomspeaker will be present in the new wiki, and I may also contribute there if I manage to buy the game.

Thank you for your patience, and please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section!

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