• Mnemonical

    -By Mnemonical

    A set of new stages; effectively an alternate "campaign". For info on the new enemy types and bosses, see my submissions in Fan Ideas/Enemies and Fan Ideas/Bosses.

    Two sets of floors with a steam-punky motif to them, serving as the first floors of this new scenario. You'll find generic enemies from the Cellar and Basement in here, mostly Clots, Trites and Spiders. Bosses that can be found on these floors are: Monstro, Widow, Gurdy.Jr, Famine, The Fallen and Headless Horseman. Rusted tiles can be found in rooms. These will hurt you for half a heart when walked over, but do not hurt enemies.

    The next two set of floors, set in a dark-ish underground tunnel system, like the Caves but a lot more gritty and with patches of vegetation…

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  • Mnemonical

    These are the ideas i initially submitted to the Fan Ideas for Bosses & Enemies.

    7 further upgraded versions of the 7 sins mini-bosses, except these guys can be found as normal bosses on any floor from the Depths/Necropolis onwards (except floors with set bosses like Depths/Necropolis 2 and Womb/Utero 2). Can appear in Sheol as ordinary enemies. Do not appear in Cathedral.

    Iblis (Wrath)

    Takes on the appearance of Super Wrath, albeit darker with red eyes, burn marks on the "helmet" and curved horns. Spawns Mega Troll Bombs much like Super Wrath, however also scatters red bullets whenever shot. Furthermore, getting close to him increases the rate at which he spawns Troll Bombs.

    Upon defeat, player will get a chance of receiving bombs, troll bombs a…

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