I was recently blocked on creepypasta wiki for "blogicle" or whatever, I tried to contact the admins about it, but since I was blocked, I can't, AND what stinks is that it was supposed to be a 1-day block, that "1-day" has passed, AND I'M STILL BLOCKED, UNNNNNNNNNNNFAIRRRRRRRRRRRR, plus, I was new to that website, so I didn't even know what was going on. I really wanted to make a creepypasta, so I tried to search up tutorials on how to do so, no answer was found, than I realized "hey, what about my blog?" so I make my creepypasta, people see it, and THEN they tell me I was supposed to use the "contribute" button, and before I could get rid of the creepypasta, BOOM, I get blocked!

ok, 2 things were wrong about that, 1. with the computer I'm currently using, the contribute button is barely in view, and 2. HOW THE ACTUAL HECK WAS I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHAT THE CONTRIBUTE BUTTON WAS, it's unfair, I shoudn't have been blocked for a rookie mistake, and because of that, this is the only awesome wiki I have left to go on (until I'm un-blocked, of course) everyone has made my list on that website, and when I get un-blocked, I will NEVER forgive them >:(

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