What can i talk here?

I can show you...all of my mostly epic fails of Isaac history! Let's begin, yay!

1 - The run that i decided to waste all of my bombs to blow up a lot of shit!...heheh

I came across a hundred of tinted rocks, but didn't had one bomb...and only 3 hearts until the Caves where i got a HP up!

But then i did make a deal with the devil, lost 3 hearts and then a annoying Leaper killed me...HOW I HATE THESE BASTARDS!

2 - The Run that i tried to make down to sheol after i beat Mom Heart...4 times in total.

I didn't even make to satan, because Death killed me...

what can i say? I had crappy items, Damn you Death

3 - The run that i picked up IPECAC and killed me with it, oh damn

4 - The run that i picked up Fetus in a Jar and killed myself with it, ah shit

5 - The run that i picked up EPIC FETUS and killed me with it....holy fcuk

6 - The other hundred runs that Ipecac killed me...BUT I STILL GET IPECAC AHAHAHA

7 - The run that i got Ipecac, then My Reflection...tragic.

8 - The run that i got Ipecac and 3 Dollar bill....mirror effect on final, i almost broke my PC screen.

9 - The run that Widow killed me in the first floor when i had a shitload of coins, keys, bombs and small rock

10 - The run that i killed myself thinking that i could pickup a devil item for 3 hearts to end up all my 3 hearts and live only on soul hearts...

11 - The run that i almost FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-ed when a lot of Greed heads and double shooting flies killed me and stealed (not really) all of my 30 coins

OK OK i can't renember more, but there will be more...BLOG!


Sometime Next

Maybe tomorrow

or No.

Tchau for you guys.

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