Hey all, this is Krysto reporting to you with exciting news!

I will be hosting, in celebration of the release of Wrath of the Lamb, a Pimp My Isaac screenshot/caption contest!

What's in it for you?

Well there will be prizes of course, depending on how many entrants I can muster up, I can offer you guys anything from hats in TF2, the BoI soundtrack DLC, and mayb even some indie games, it all depends on how much participation we get going on here.

So how do you enter?

Well seeing as how all prizes are to be distributed via steam the contest will have to be also through steam using the wiki as the medium.

Simply take an in-game screenshot (AFTER the DLC release), paste it into paint , gimp or photoshop (the command keys for this is "ALT" "Print Screen"), crop it down to a window around Isaac or whatever else you want to show off on screen, add a caption if you'd like, then save as a .Jpg

Once your picture is ready, name it "WotLContestentry(steamusername)", upload it anywhere on the internet (preferably somewhere accessible like the wiki or photobucket) and post a link to the pic on the event ( with the image's title and whatever it says on the pic in quotes like this:

(Image name)

(Image Link)

("quotes on screenshot") so we can read them just in case!

So here are the rules:

  • One entry per person
  • Content may be implicit but keep the text free of any... unsavory words. If you're not sure, ask first.
  • Your entry must showcase at least one or more new items/characters/anything from the upcoming DLC
  • You must have a valid steam username and preferably should join the steam group as well
  • Let your friends on steam know!
  • All entries must be in by Saturday at noon, you have all week to work your artsy magic.
  • More entries = more stuff/winners

I need some people to help be impartial judges, I don't want to just have to pick my favorite, so anyone in the steam group who wants to volunteer to judge (I only need 1 or 2 people) feel free to ask in a comment on the event or on my talk page here.

Huge thanks to Qaz for prize donation!

Entries are due by June 3rd at 12 Noon, EST.

Enjoy and STICK IT TO MOM!

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