So yesterday I played a bit of BOI and found a mager bug in the game....

I became immortal while playing with Samson....

When you start playing with Samson in ver. 1.3 you receive 1 heart container and 1 spirit heart as you all know.

On the first floor I received a deal with the devil for Spirit of the Night which required 1 heart container (I already lost my spirit heart) and I took the gamble to see if I would die if I took the Devil Room item....... I didnt.

Whilst playing I realised that I can receive damage without it affecting me at all.... I became Samson the Immortal!

On every single room I got a deal with the Devil and guess what? I got everything for FREE! 1 of the items was Brimstone and just imagine Brimstone and Bloody Lust combined.... It was as epic as can be!

Not even mom can stop me now!

Nothing can kill me!

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