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    I know there are a bunch of peeps who try to create their own "Boss"

    But just imagine if this Boss would be put in the game...

    His name is the Vamperic Skull... One of the most difficult bosses which can only be encountered in Necropolis!

    He is a breed of Monstro 2, the Husk, The Carrion Queen and The Fallen!

    What could be more devastating??

    Hope you guys like my 30 minute sketch of The Vamperic Skull!

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  • Jaendre


    June 28, 2012 by Jaendre

    So yesterday I played a bit of BOI and found a mager bug in the game....

    I became immortal while playing with Samson....

    When you start playing with Samson in ver. 1.3 you receive 1 heart container and 1 spirit heart as you all know.

    On the first floor I received a deal with the devil for Spirit of the Night which required 1 heart container (I already lost my spirit heart) and I took the gamble to see if I would die if I took the Devil Room item....... I didnt.

    Whilst playing I realised that I can receive damage without it affecting me at all.... I became Samson the Immortal!

    On every single room I got a deal with the Devil and guess what? I got everything for FREE! 1 of the items was Brimstone and just imagine Brimstone and Bloody Lust combine…

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