aka Agent 65

  • I live in ...
  • I was born on August 12
  • My occupation is Being a silent assassin
  • I am Meat male
  • Hitman41165


    July 6, 2012 by Hitman41165

    Doom is working for the Fetuser,i saw him talk to him,im going to get your butt to arkham city,hope two face or the penguin shoot you in the face as im a super hero and i cant kill people

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  • Hitman41165

    I JUST FINISHED THE GAME!I KILLED MOM!TAKE IT!*nerdgasm much,Meatboy?*


    however i didnt get cain yet,the slot machine gave me a stigmata,and to unlock judas i must play the game AGAIN to get to a chest inside mom's chest*chestception much,Game?*.

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  • Hitman41165

    Me and Commander Video have took a short break from the chat,talking trough steam,playing video games*not togheter but close enough*,telling him how pure AWESOME CS:GO beta is since i have it,in your face fetus >:3

    P.S he is hungry,i think he will eat me soon

    P.S.S y must i always have P.S.S-es?

    ah idk screw it

    get it?screw it?screws?ITS A PUN!I MEID A PUN! >:(

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  • Hitman41165

    Damn fetus,

    June 9, 2012 by Hitman41165

    he got me banned by making me f@p 2 p0^n D:<

    P.S. bandage girl if u read this ignore the first sentence

    P.S.S. we ran out of milk,plz go buy some,kthxbye :3

    P.P.S.S i also found out kittys02 was banned as well,i remember how much he spammed those troll faces

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