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Infamous Mask

Gives Isaac a mask similiar to that of the mask of infamy. Isaac no longer takes damage from the front, but takes double from the back. Dissapears from Isaac during the Isaac and Blue Baby fights. Can be found as a drop from the Mask Of Infamy(25%) or from treasure rooms.

Monstro's Curse

Isaac gains Monstro's eyes and hairlip. Instead of shooting normally, Isaac must charge (for about half the time of brimstone) and fires a burst of blood tears like Monstro does. Gives two damage ups. When combined with doctor fetus, Isaac will shoot a couple of bombs per shot, and with Ipecac, Isaac while fire a couple of exlposive shots at various range. Can be dropped from Monstro (5%) or from treasure rooms.


Web Gun

When used, Isaac drops web directly in front of him. Recharges within a room, like the Candle. Can be found rarely in treasure rooms and shops.

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