Note: If I am wrong about something and you want to tell me, please don't be afraid to tell me. I think that that would help me and the post and help out with the speculation a little more. Thanks if you do so and read on! Again, was pondering on some game aspects that didn't quite make sense to me. Decided to deep-think for about 20 minutes on it and here's the solution I came up with. Now, I know that this may be a little odd, but in my perspective, it might actually be a nice, fun challenge to Sheol. But, I've always been wondering why Sheol drops Soul Hearts. It's Satan's home basically. Like always though, facts first.


Sheol has a unique set of chacteristics, going from immensely hard enemies to fighting Satan himself. There is a number of minibosses, bosses and other soulless things that have no likes for you. Everything is out to get you, and eventually, you'll get hit. With a wide variety of enemies, ranging from Bomb-flies, to Pestilence, to Greed, all are included into Sheol. When you get to the boss (Satan) you will be faced with 3 phases. The first one being a Fallen Angel, the second actually being Satan from his Statue rising to life. After you have killed his 2nd form, he decides to stomp on you for the remainder of the boss fight. When you kill Satan in total, he drops a Golden chest and unlocks the final cutscene in the entire game, which has some speculation on its own. But, that was the back story of Sheol.

Why no Soul Hearts?

I believe that it would be a very fun mechanic to have in the game where there were no Soul Hearts in Sheol, maybe even in the Womb, but may even be to an extent where there wasn't even regular hearts. If you are this far into the game where you are going to be fighting Satan himself, might as well give an extra challenge to the level. Alternatively, there could be only Soul Hearts, because those are the Souls coming off from Satan himself and flowing through the floor, and no regular hearts are to be seen. It gives the challenge of the floor a wider range, and unless you can produce hearts, Soul and regular, you are screwed for the remainder of the floor, unless you don't take any damage as well. Again, adding more challenge to floors doesn't hurt, since the Satan boss is a little easy. If you can avoid shots however. Maybe could be even an unlockable thing when you beat Satan a certain number of times. Those were my thoughts on how the game could be changed to become slightly more difficult and I hope again to do more of these soon.

    Thanks for reading,

Gett Numbers

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