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  • Gett Numbers

    Note: If I am wrong about something and you want to tell me, please don't be afraid to tell me. I think that that would help me and the post and help out with the speculation a little more. Thanks if you do so and read on! Again, was pondering on some game aspects that didn't quite make sense to me. Decided to deep-think for about 20 minutes on it and here's the solution I came up with. Now, I know that this may be a little odd, but in my perspective, it might actually be a nice, fun challenge to Sheol. But, I've always been wondering why Sheol drops Soul Hearts. It's Satan's home basically. Like always though, facts first.

    Sheol has a unique set of chacteristics, going from immensely hard enemies to fighting Satan himself. There is a number…

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  • Gett Numbers

    I was having some complex thinking on why Krampus drops the Lump of Coal. I mean sure, it could be Santa in his santonic form where he's the one to give bad little boys and girls Lumps of Coal in their stockings, but there also could be a deeper meaning. Well, first the characteristics of Krampus, before any speculation can rise.

    Krampus seems to be The Fallen with a mask on. He, however, does not act like The Fallen. The Fallen charges at you and will stop to do a 4-way Brimstone like attack. Krampus does the same thing minus the charging. He shoots like The Fallen does as well, with 3 shots at first, followed quickly by 4 shots. Krampus does not split off like The Fallen at half health and at the end if his raid in the Devil Room, he proc…

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