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    Odd, Nintendo, odd.

    May 3, 2012 by Gagaplex

    While looking through formspring, hungering for more information on the upcoming addon, I noticed a question regarding the 3DS release that was blocked by Nintendo. I'm to this day confused as to why they did so. I know Nintendo likes to create a "child-friendly" and "for all the family" kind of image, but hear me out first.

    Have any of you ever played Dementium parts 1 and 2?

    Talk about child-friendly themes! Ritualistic torture and murder, gore, corpses, zombies, dead children etc.. I enjoyed those games greatly (especially part 2 which heavily improved upon the gameplay, although it was unfortunately lacking in length), but I don't deny their violent and religious or cultish themes. I don't quite understand what makes The Binding of Isaac…

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