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    When I first arrived at this wiki it was weird. It was a messy place, but it was brimming with information and people eager to share their knowledge. The game started driftiting around until WotL came around. The addon helped bringing this wiki to a whole new level. Also, around that time I decided to switch from observer to contributor.

    As the months passed many things changed: People came and went, BoI popularity rose even higher and I became admin. I also found out that the wiki has become a reference point for anything Isaac related, which makes me quite happy.

    Now we reached a somewhat stable base and the wiki has everything a BoI player could wish for.

    So before any further writing, let me say thanks to allour contributors. Be it improv…

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  • Doomspeaker

    After playing the game for almost a year, I think it's time to make a final judgement about the game.

    Since modern game reviews tend to to seperate a game into different categories, I'll do that as well.

    If you want high end graphics, this is certainly not the kind of game you are looking for. That's the main complaint. Minor problems are a whole slew of graphical bugs and the reuse of many sprites in Wrath of the Lamb.

    On the positive side you get a very unique style. The whole game has this "drawn by Isaac himself with his crayons", which in combination with the grim depicted topics creates something truly weird. Weird in a good way.

    I mentioned the recycling of sprites before. Don't be fooled by that statement, since the game contains a hug…

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