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  • Delta14

    it seems that i am still banned. i'll have to wait for some time, possibly untill 11:00 (british time)

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  • Delta14

    The Fetus Blog.

    June 8, 2012 by Delta14

    I have been caught and banned from chat for 1 week. I'm sure to be back by then, having learned my lesson. For now, I will contribute to the wiki. Oh, and hitman, I shall have revenge, you rotten cube of meat!

    One more day untill i'm un-banned. joyus day! i have also finally found ghost baby, just like (i forgot his name. i think he was called Gagaplex? not sure.) wanted me to. he just has the ouija board effect. anywho, see you on chat in 'bout 1 day and 6 hours-ish.

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