Oh, hi! Here is Colddy Shadow, I don't know if you know the most of my contributions to this Wikia are Fandom Contents. I just love to draw!

So I'll start a serie of posts about my fandom contents, trivias, inspirations and other things like that. I hope you enjoy it.


File:Samael Smaller.png
He is the Angel of Death, sometimes described as the Grim Reaper. His history served as a base to modern Lucifer conception, once a beatiful and powerful Archangel he rebelled against God because Samael thought he could overcome God. Later Samael fell from Heaven to Hell where he became one of the rulers.

It's interesting to note that modern conception of Hell and Heaven is a corruption from original Old Testament. Firstly Hell and Heaven were distinct places which originated at same time in the begin of eons and Angels and Demons were distinct beings as well.

In the current texts Heaven existed first and Hell emerged when Lucifer rebelled against God and fell from Heaven with a lot of other Angels, also all Demons are actually evil Angels.

So when Samael arrived Hell it was already a populated place and ruled by the great demon Satan. Samael was the first Angel that fell to Hell and others came after he (Lucifer for exemple). In Hell Samael took a corrupted demonic form known as Baphomet, indeed the Devil's Pentagram represents Samael as Baphomet.

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