I was playing once again, and I got the glitch where a trinket version of Undefined dropped on the floor. There are some posts about this in the Bugs section if you are not familar with this. It looked like Eve's Bird Foot, so I grabbed it(I had moms purse and no other trinkets) anyways, I got the game hardlocked into me picking it up, oblivious to the fact that this could actually happen while they were still alive. In the Bugs section a guy wrote: "This pretty much only happens right when you die, and even then there is like a 0.01% chance of it happening." Is it cool that I Might of gotten something that will basically happen, or should I be mad that it hardlocked, and this actually happens quite a bit? I don't know.


If anyone could tell me how to sign posts and quote people on what they wrote, please leave a comment down below. Bye.

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