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    This was just something I had to get out of my system. Edmund McMillen's two major games featured loads of bosses, some which were absolutely spectacular and some which be honest, kind of bad. Here's my personal choice for the top 5 best and worst bosses Edmund McMillen has ever made.

    #5: ???/Blue Baby

    I understand that by the time they got to making the Chest level in the Binding of Isaac, Flash was at a breaking point and they couldn't afford to throw lots of new stuff in, but if you ignored the context and just looked at the boss itself, Blue Baby has to be one of the more lackluster final bosses I've seen. He's more of an Isaac Stage 2 than a boss in his own right, with very little difference between the two bosses. Some of his…

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    So, calculating damage is a bitch. There's a page on it now, but it isn't the most enlightening.

    One way to solve this is to list the stand alone stat effects of each item, that is the effects each item have on your stats if you were playing as Isaac and had no other item. Now, this isn't a completely accurate account of the effects of each item - for example, damage ups tend to get less effective the more of them you have - but hey, what the hell.

    Item Stand alone Damage Stand alone Tears (Fire Rate)   Stand alone Speed Extra Notes
    The Belt

    Blood Bag

    Bloody Lust

    +16% after 1st kill, +29% after 2nd kill, +42% after 3rd kill, +53% after 4th kill, +64% after 5th kill, maximum of +122% (after about 11 kills)

    Blood Of The Martyr +48%


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    Operation Mom's Bra!

    February 8, 2013 by BlahTheAmazing

    Operation Mom's Bra is essentially my effort to calculate the health of all the enemies and bosses in the game. It will require a lot of patience, Cheat Engine and the ability to repeatedly stomach one of the most disturbing images in the game (anyone who's used Mom's Bra knows what I'm talking about). How it works is as follows:

    • First you need to set up Cheat Engine (tutorial on how to find and use it here ).
    • Once you've got it, start the game as Isaac and use Cheat Engine to give yourself Mom's Bra with infinite item power.
    • Additional recommended items to get would be the Compass, Treasure Map, Pyro and infinite bombs.
    • Every time you enter a new room with enemies/bosses, spam Mom's Bra to keep them frozen.
    • If we already know how much HP the e…
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    Now that I've been tasked with creating new Polls of the Week, I will list the results (or all that I could possibly get out of the results) for the previous polls here:

    Poll #1 (June 8 2012) 3125 votes

    What is your favourite character?

    7th: Samson

    105 votes (3.36%)

    6th: ???

    151 votes (4.83%)

    5th: Maggy

    168 votes (5.38%)

    4th: Eve

    208 votes (6.66%)

    3rd: Judas

    456 votes (14.59%)

    2nd: Isaac

    772 votes (24.7%)

    1st: Cain

    1265 votes (40.48%)

    Poll #2 (June 16 2012) 2750 votes

    Which boss do you hate the most?

    9th: C.H.A.D.

    29 votes (1.05%)

    8th: The Fallen

    71 votes (2.58%)

    7th: Headless Horseman

    96 votes (3.49%)

    6th: Peep

    107 votes (3.89%)

    5th: Gurdy Jr.

    117 votes (4.25%)

    4th: Gurdy

    155 votes (5.64%)

    3rd: Mask of Infamy

    431 votes (15.67%)

    2nd: Widow

    635 votes (23.09%)

    1st: The Bloat


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