So the old item page got a huge revamp.  At first I didn't realize why and I started to panic wondering where all my precious information went off to.  Then I realized that all the information that used to be on the items page is now on each individual item page.  

   This is both good and bad in my opinion.  I liked being able to just "CTRL+F" and type in whatever item I needed information on, and it would have everything there.  I didn't have to click on another link and wait for the page to load.  It was just a tiny bit more convenient.

   Now this has to be said:  At first, I didn't even see the information I needed.  For instance, at The Nail page there was nothing that said how to unlock the item.  I then edited a couple of pages to make sure the information was there.  Then I realized I was looking in the wrong section of the page, and that the information I added was already there in a different section.  I quickly undid my edits.

  In conclusion, I will just have to get used to the new item page.  I will still use this wiki a lot, and encourage others to use it as well.

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