Unique rooms are special rooms that appear randomly throughout certain floors. These rooms do not contain enemies and usually offer some sort of prize or pickup for navigating or clearing away obstacles.

Fire Patterns

Fire patterns are unique groups of Fires that appear in a specific pattern. They can spawn in a pentagram, heart or X-shape. These arrangements can be seen in The Basement, The Caves and The Depths in place of a normal room. These rooms never contain enemies. 

Stone Vault

The Stone Vault is a unique room layout containing a large body of rocks which encase a few items or coins.

Spike Maze/Pit Maze

These rooms consist of a narrow passage lined with either pits or spikes, usually containing a pill in the center.

Bomb Maze

Bomb Mazes consist of a grid pattern of indestructible black rocks, filled in with normal rocks. In various spaces between, random bombs (normal, troll or 1+1 free) can be found to help navigate. Similar to the room in which Wrath is encountered. It was originally presumed to only appear if the player had enough bombs to proceed - however, this may not be so as there is evidence of such a room being spawned with only two bombs in possession.

Taking damage is almost certain if one of the bombs spawns as a Super Troll Bomb.

It is possible to become trapped by misplacing and wasting bombs.

This room is a reference to Bomberman.

Blood Bank Room

This room contains one or four embryos and a single Blood Donation Machine.

The room appears to have a higher chance of spawning a troll bomb upon clearing it, so get ready to kick it away from the Blood Bank if you plan on using it.

Beggar Room

Contains a single Beggar, typically blocked off by pits, spikes or rocks.

When surrounded by spikes, the player can move between diagonals without being damaged if it is lined up correctly.

Casino Room

Contains a single Slot Machine or Fortune Telling Machine, typically blocked off by rocks, pits, spikes or other obstacles.

If the Slot Machine spawns a fly and you leave the room without killing it, it will be grayed out on the minimap again. Reentering it then provides a chance of getting a Fortune Telling Machine instead.

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