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Ultra Pride

Ultra Pride Edmund Ultra Pride Himsl

In-game sprite


Related Boss(es):
Super Pride


  • Shooting out three homing projectiles.
  • Throwing out a horizontal line of green Creep
  • Familiar: Shooting out one homing projectile. (Similar to Spoon Bender)

Effective item(s):


 Ultra Pride is a miniboss randomly encountered as an alternate version of Pride, one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Ultra Pride resembles Edmund McMillen, while the Baby resembles Florian Himsl.


Ultra Pride differs from its normal counterparts by having attacks more similar to Super Sloth.

The team's attacks consist of the following:

  • Normal: Shoots out three homing projectiles. (Deals one full heart of damage, even on earlier floors)
  • Familiar: Shoots out one homing projectile. (Similar to Psychic Maw, Sacred Heart and Spoon Bender)
  • Normal: Throws out horizontal a line of green creep.

When defeated, Ultra Pride drops the Left Hand trinket, regardless of whether or not it has already appeared during that run. If this is the first defeat, the Left Hand achievement is also unlocked.


There is also a possibility for a champion Ultra Pride to spawn. This champion has a bigger green familiar which does 1 heart worth of damage with its bullets.



  • This miniboss is a reference to the artist and programmer of Binding of Isaac, Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl respectively.
    • The Left Hand trinket is a reference to Edmund McMillen being left handed. It is also likely that it refers to Edmund's tattoo on that hand, which resemble the lines a surgical cut would follow.
    • He is named "Ultra Pride" because Edmund and Florian consider Pride "their sin", the deadly sin they commit the most.
  • Ultra Pride is unique in that there is no known "ultra" counterpart for the other deadly sins.
  • Pride is the sin considered above all others as it was the sin that tempted Satan to rebel against God.
  • Ultra Pride's familiar uses the same AI as the Babies. The homing tears that it shoots may be a reference to (or the original cause of) the "Psy Baby" bug.
  • The room ID to spawn Ultra Pride is "us", presumably meaning Ultra Sloth. This implies that Ultra Pride may be coded as a "super" version of Super Sloth. This is also backed up by his SpiderMod entity code spawning Super Sloth unless certain conditions are met. Although, "us" could be referring to Edmund and Florian, as they are the creators of the game, as in "us".


The Binding of Isaac - Ultra Pride Edmund Mcmillen00:43

The Binding of Isaac - Ultra Pride Edmund Mcmillen

The Fight with Ultra Pride

Related AchievementsEdit

The Left Hand "The Left Hand" - Kill Ultra Pride.

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Super Envy
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Super Pride
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Super Sloth
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Ultra Pride Edmund
Ultra Pride

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