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The Treasure Room (also known as item room) is a room without enemies containing an item on a pedestal.

It requires a key to access. An exception is The Basement 1/The Cellar 1, which does not. The Basement XL requires a key for both item rooms.

It is located on each floor until The Womb/Utero (thus excluding Sheol and the Cathedral).

The room has a golden door frame, and the room symbol on the minimap has a crown on it.

The room might contain Fire and Poop in the corners or two adjacent to the pedestal. The fireplaces can be Hellfireplaces.


Items that aren't found in treasure rooms:

  • Boss Drops
  • Some Items from the Devil Room /Angel Room
  • Other items which only appear in specific places (The Rock, Blood Bag etc.)


  • When next to a Secret Room, it can be accessed by bombing the wall between them therefore saving one key.


  • The character Samson is unlocked by skipping two of these rooms and killing Mom in one playthrough. (That means you can still walk inside, but you are not allowed the item.)


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