Isaac Rebirth

A torn photo, which looks like the left half of the Polaroid.


Isaac look more sorrowful than ever while streaming with more tears.

  • +0.7 tears
  • +16% shot speed


  • The shown part of the photo appears to include Isaac and his mother, hinting that the torn off part of the photo may have included Isaac's father (especially because the photo is very similar to that seen in the Polaroid) and possibly even other siblings.
    • The fact that the torn off portion of the photo could include Isaac's father could imply that there was a difficult break-up between Isaac's parents or that Isaac's father had left them, prompting Isaac's mother to tear Isaac's father out of their family picture.
    • The item's effect reinforces this idea by the fact that the torn photo may remind Isaac of the split in his family, like the split photo.

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