A small metallic gray ball or planet. Tiny Planet is a passive item introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.


Tiny Planet is embedded on Isaac's forehead.

Tears now revolve around Isaac's body at approximately the distance of Forever Alone until they hit the ground.

Greatly increase Isaac's Shot Height, allowing tears to fly over all obstacles while also making them stay on the screen for longer time.


  • Tears will not hit 2-4 range in front of Isaac, thus aiming directly away from enemies in cardinal directions is most effective.


  • The Ludovico Technique- The tear orbits Isaac slowly when not controlled, and when controlled, the tears movement is distorted.
  • Mom's Knife- The knife orbits around Isaac quickly, going further and further until it reaches the distance depended on how long the shot was charged, going back the same path it came from after reaching it's max range.
  • Dr. Fetus - Not recommended,as bombs will orbit Isaac until they explode, making self-damaging much easier.
  • IPECAC and Bob's Rotten Head - Not recommended,as shots or heads will orbit Isaac until they explode, making aiming much harder while increase the possibility of self-damaging.
  • Proptosis- The shots will shrink almost before they orbit, which make them less powerful than they usually are.


  • A Lump of Coal - As Tiny Planet drastically increases the amount of time tears staying in the screen, Lump of Coal will add a large amount of damage to tears (~15 for a fully orbited tear).
  • Brimstone - The beam wraps around Isaac and then travel straight forward normally. Also works on Azazel's short brimstone beams.
  • Brimstone + Tammy's Head - Any enemy in a circular zone around the character may be hit by all 10 Brimstone beams.
  • Spoon Bender - The tears are still revolving around Isaac's Body, but also home in on enemies, making aiming much more easier.
  • Technology - The laser wraps around Isaac and then travel stright forward normally.
  • Rubber Cement - Tears still try to orbit Isaac after every bouncing.
  • My Reflection - Tears will try to move back to the original orbiting circle if Isaac is moving, making aiming much easier.

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