• i have the feeling famine spawns a lot more often then other bosses in the first chapter, thie whole week i have seen gemini not even once, blighted ovum 2 or 3 times, steven 1/2 times, monstro a few times, pin, the widow, larry jr. and the duke of flies often, but i see famine at half of my runs ( i'm leaving out gurdy jr. because i only fought him a few times and i'm not sure if i saw him only once in the cellar, but i'm sure its not more then one time ) this might be because of book of revelations for other players, but i'm, sure this numbers aren't influenced by it, as i never ever used it, a soul hearth in return for accidently opening up a librabry while alread having a good item sounds good but i'd only do so if i already fough a horseman that chapter/after defeating boss of the current floor,in order to evade horseman encounts as much as possible ( famine is pretty skilled at ending my runs early on, pestilence almost never kills me bu always takes a lot of hearths and frustration, war is pretty hard to hit first stage and pretty easy 2nd stage, if he hasn't trampled me to death beforehand, headless horseman just massacares me whiout giving me any clue why he should be that strong, apart from probably underestimating him and death is deadly but i'm always relieved he is not as hard as the other 4 ), so far this situation hasn't occured to me and i've never used the book yet

    i have no excast numbers but i'll start writing down my boss encounters starting tonight in order to prove him beign more common whit a reliable chart

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    • realized part of the problem might be because its one of the few bosses that can appar both on cellar and basement but in total its still most common in basement ( together whit monstro, both have appeared 6 times out of my total 23 boss encounters noted in basement ) whiel its not most common on cellar ( 3rd place whit 4 encounters where pin had 5 and widow had 7 out of a total 22 noted encounters ) its still pretty common, i will post full lists when my research is more extensive ( 100 noted encountes on all floors, except those after mom, it will take me months to get 100 boss fights in both womb and utero, and after that bosses are set, i am getting better at the game but doign 200 chapter 4 floor 1 boss battles is a bit to hard for me now  ) 

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    • so far i have famine only apper once i have done a lot of runs today  just pointing it out

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