• If i manage to get the more trinkets item and carry The Left Hand to The Chest, will all the red chests contain items, as thegold chests found would? Or will it turn the 100% item-gold-chests into crappy normal red chests?

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    • Say hi to lots of red chests.

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    • Crappy normal red chests, I was disappointed when I found this out during a purist challenge playthrough.

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    • i got epic fetus and the candle in the purist...

      but i changed the left hand to goat hoof since i needed speed :)

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    • Am I the only one who loves The Left Hand?

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    • yes

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    • Well, i wouldnt say the left hand is _that_ bad. If your playing as Cain, red chests can be very usefull as they have a chance to drop 2 pills, and due to his Luck Foot's ability, they will have at least a nuetral affect.

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    • Red chests are worthwhile:

      1. You can always open them (no need for key), unlike golden chests.

      2. Only way of getting Guppy Items or the Mark without a Devil Deal.

      3. Chance of immediate Angel Room or Devil Room item.

      4. Only chest that contains soul hearts; particularly helpful if playing as ??? or otherwise you are in a situation in which the red heart drops from normal chests can't help you.

      5. The chance at getting Spiders or trollbombs just offsets the benefits.

      That said; replacing ALL chests with them and getting NO Golden Chests is a little extreme if you have a trinket that causes item drop on collection of a money item; the chest type that has no money has a lower value.

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    • Left Hand is only good if you're strapped for keys.

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    • wrote:
      Left Hand is only good if you're strapped for keys.

      ...Sort of. You have to be basically set on consumables with the Left Hand because you miss out on potential coins/health/bombs/keys/tarot cards from gray chests. More often than not I get troll bombs or spiders from red chests, and while I used to think the Left Hand was one of the best trinkets because it has the possibility of giving a devil room item or spirit hearts, it really is never worth it. I don't know if it's just 100% terribad in the same way as the Cursed Skull but it's certainly worse than most other trinkets, and you're generally better off not having any trinket at all.

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    • I personally feel red chest are never worth it, with left hand or without. Without it is NEVER worth it due to how common it is to get troll bombs or spiders as well as the cost of a red heart or spirit heart to get into those rooms. I know spiders and troll bombs are meant to offset the benefits but i think it is a bit much. I completely ignore red chest since they ALWAYS do that, I would say out of every 10 red chest, only 1-2 will have something that isnt try to kill me, and out of those 1-2, its like 10% chance of going to devil/angel. 

      With left hand its a little nicer since you dont have to give up health to get them so I would grab them, but it still isnt worth it, you may get a pill here and there, and you will most likely get trolled and even take damage or die from them( I had an instance where it threw 3 spiders at me and trapped me in a corner and I just slowly died from the chest)

      You end up missing all the keys/hearts/bombs/coins/tarot cards you would get from normal chest and the chance at items from golden chest with left hand.

      Overall I would say Left Hand is NOT worth picking up, it will more then likely hurt you more then benefit you, or downright kill you.

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