The Void is a new chapter added in the Afterbirth+ DLC. The Void is an optional chapter which player can reach after defeat major bosses (Mom, Mom's Heart/It lives, Satan, Isaac, ???, The Lamb, Mega Satan, Hush). Defeating the Hush will guarantee open portal to the Void. The Void doors, rather than a trap door or light, it will appear as a Portal which tries to suck Isaac in.

Floor configuration

Each rooms in the Void will appear differently from each other. Rooms foreground range from chapter 1 to 5.


Normal & Hard Mode
Chapter 1
The BasementThe CellarBurning Basement
Chapter 2
The CavesThe CatacombsFlooded Caves
Chapter 3
The DepthsNecropolisDank Depths
Chapter 4
The WombUteroScarred Womb
Chapter 5
SheolCathedralBlue Womb
Chapter 6
The Dark RoomThe ChestThe Void
Greed & Greedier Mode
The BasementThe CavesThe DepthsThe WombSheolThe ShopUltra Greed

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