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The Poop
The Poop Icon
In-Game Appearance
No visual effect.
Tears Appearance
Item Type
Activated Collectible
Pickup Quote
Space to use
Other Information
Collection Grid (A,1,5)
Recharge Time 1
Found Treasure Room
???'s starting item.
Unlocked By Completing the game 10 times

A pile of poop.


Upon activation, Isaac drops a pile of poop, which can be used to block enemy attacks and movement until destroyed. As with regular poop, it may yield hearts or coins.



  • When used on a spider web, the sound will play and the item will be used, but no Poop will appear.
    • Similarly, if Isaac has flight, he can use The Poop on Rocks, TNT Barrels, and Pits, but no Poop will appear, resulting in a wasted use.
  • If spawned on an already destroyed poop, the game can create a bugged version of poop. This poop looks like normal poop except it can be walked over and can't be destroyed by tears. It usually vanishes upon leaving the room.
  • If spawned and the player does not move from the pile of poop and does not destroy it enemies will ignore you (to them you don't exist).
    • Works well with Dr. Fetus since the bombs will initially spawn in front of the poop.
  • Make sure to shoot the dropped poop before you leave the room, as it will despawn otherwise. Also, using it in the same room that you already used it in before will cause it to be indestructible (see above).
  • When used when the player is standing on top of the trap door, no poop will appear, but the player will be unable to enter the trap door unless they leave the room to despawn the poop, at which point, the trap door can be entered.


  • Midas's Touch will cause many of the poop spawned to become golden poop.

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