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A large pair of shears.


Upon activation, Isaac's head is severed (identical to XII The Hanged Man and Transcendence) from his body which will act like Meat Boy while the head can fly around the room and still fire tears.


  • Habit - Makes it possible for multiple bodies to exist. However, only one head will exist.
  • The Lost - Gives the player control of the body, while the head is left in the location of where it was used.



  • The item can be seen as an exaggeration of how scissors are treated as dangerous items for small kids.
  • This type of shears is used to cut a child's umbilical cord when born.
  • If used while under the effect of certain Devil Room items (Such as Brimstone or Whore Of Babylon), Isaac will grow black wings instead of having his head severed from his body. However, there will still be a body alongside him which can damage enemies as usual.

Related AchievementsEdit

Shears "The Shears" - Die 100 times.

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