Isaac's left eye, ripped fresh out of its socket.


Gives Isaac a familiar eye that floats around the room, damaging enemies on contact

Tears fired from Isaac's left eye socket become red. This is only a cosmetic effect and does NOT increase damage.

The floating eye can push bombs.


  • The item is a direct reference to the boss Peep, who has floating eye familiars that move around the room in the same pattern as this item. The word peep also means 'to quickly look at something'.
  • When Cain picks up this item, the eye that is used is the one that would be under the eyepatch.


In Rebirth, The Peeper can be found in the first Treasure Room using the following seeds:

  • 1DXN V8CW
  • 3204 P7A4
  • 69B3 A2LW

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