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The Pact
The Pact Icon
In-Game Appearance
Thepact Isaac
Tears Appearance
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Pickup Quote
Dmg up
Other Information
Collection Grid (A,10,8)
Recharge Time
Found Devil Room
Curse Room
Unlocked By

A piece of paper with text on it, and blood dripping off the lower right edge.


Turns Isaac's body black, giving him small horns, and makes him seem more aggressive.

Increases Damage by 0.5 and Tears by 0.7. Isaac also gains 2 Soul Hearts.


  • Picking this item up and going down to 0 heart containers will kill Isaac, even though he will have 2 Soul Hearts.
  • As with all items that turn Isaac black/demonic, having an item which allows flight (Dead Dove, Holy Grail, The Bible, etc.) will grant Isaac wings.


  • The Pact seems to be signed in blood. In satanic rituals, a contract with a demon is usually signed with its conjurer's blood. See also: Pacts with the Devil.


  • When playing as ???, if you have three Soul Hearts and take The Pact, you will have two soul hearts remaining, but will still die. If you have Scapular and 3 soul hearts, it will not kill you.

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