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A small, teary eye.


Gives Isaac a triple shot, sets Tears to minimum.


  • Dr. Fetus - Fire rate of the bombs is greatly decreased, with no damage increase.
  • Mom's Knife - Charging time is increased, with no damage increase.
  • IPECAC - Completely overrides The Inner Eye, nullifying the triple shot effect with no increase to damage.


  • Chocolate Milk - Allows the triple shot to be fired more quickly, albeit for lower damage.
  • Wiggle Worm - The three tears won't spread, the side ones will keep spinning around the central one if Isaac is standing by. If Isaac is moving, there will be a chance of a side tear spreading away from the other two.
  • Polyphemus - The triple shot will be retained if The Inner Eye is collected first, but with reduced damage.
  • Technology - Damage is multiplied by three, with reduced firing speed.
  • Brimstone - Damage is multiplied by three, with a longer charge time.
  • Mom's Eye - Mom's Eye always activates.
  • Spider Bite - There is a better chance to get a slowing tear, sometimes even getting double or triple slowing tears


  • When used with Cain, he will fire 3 tears despite wearing his eye patch which normally disallows him to fire two or more shots.

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