A glowing halo.


Isaac gets a halo above his head.

Increases Speed by 0.3, Tears by 0.2, Health by 1, Damage by 0.3, and Range by 2.75.



  • This item is the only true "All Stats Up" item, as Magic Mushroom is missing a Tears Up.

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Halo "The Halo" - Kill Mom or Mom's Heart using The Bible.

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  • Message from a Wikia contributor

    3 messages
    • It's possible, you can get any item of the Devil/Angel room from Devil Beggar (and normal Beggar if you use the XX tarot in the Curse room)
    • I got it without killed mom or mom's heart with the bible,and my first time i got it,yes,you can get it from a demon beggar

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