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The Fallen
TheFallen Full
Art by Edmund McMillen
Floor(s) Anywhere except:

The Chest



Speed Upgrades
II The High Priestess
Item Drop(s) Any collectible found in a Devil Room
Rebirth Stats

The Fallen is a rare boss added in the Halloween Update. He looks like a regular demon, with shiny red eyes, horns, black wings, and a Cross of St. Peter on his forehead. His body ends with a nubby tail section.


The Fallen has two phases and three attacks.

The first consists of him chasing after Isaac at high speed. He will stop after taking enough damage and unleash his second attack, launching 4 blood beams (similar to Brimstone) in cardinal cross directions.

For his last attack, he'll spit two salvos of bullets, one with 3 and the other with 4. When his HP reaches 50%, he will enter his second phase, splitting into two smaller Fallens, each with the same attacks as the original.


The Fallen may appear intimidating, but as his patterns are very predictable; he can be killed with relative ease. The projectile waves that he shoots can be dodged easily by weaving in between the bullets or just moving to the side. In phase two, when there are two smaller Fallens, it is best to kite them around the edges of the room during their charge attack.

If Isaac has The High Priestess Tarot Card it is possible to defeat the Fallen in one hit simply by using the card. Mom's foot will kill both the original Fallen and the two smaller Fallen immediately as they spawn, finishing the fight almost instantly.


  • The Fallen is also part of the first phase of the battle against Satan.
  • The Fallen will always drop a Devil Room Item when he is encountered as a boss.



  • The Fallen has many similarities with Isaac's diverse demonic appearances.
  • Its name is most likely a reference to the fallen angels that followed Satan, in keeping with the Biblical themes of the game.
  • In the credit sequence, The Fallen is misspelled as "The Fallin."
  • According to Edmund, it is possible to find a champion version of The Fallen, but it's extremely rare.
    • However, this is actually incorrect, and no champion version of The Fallen exists in the game.


  • If The Hourglass is used while The Fallen is splitting, he will split into 4 instead of 2.
  • If you have Dead Bird and it is attacking The Fallen before he splits, when he does split the dead bird will disappear until the next floor.
  • Sometimes when fighting The Fallen's two smaller parts, they will teleport to opposite ends of the room. This only seems to happen when being encountered in a non-boss room.
  • When you use Best Friend while The Fallen is splitting and the explosion hits one of the smaller Fallen while he's damaging you, the game will freeze and you will die.
  • If you attack The Fallen right after he splits, it is possible to deal heavy damage.


Cain vs. The Fallen - TBoI 100:47

Cain vs. The Fallen - TBoI 1.4 Petden

The Fallen fight

The Binding Of Isaac The Fallen00:48

The Binding Of Isaac The Fallen

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