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The Depths

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The Depths is the third environment the player encounters. It takes the shape of a grayish stone cave, littered with bones.

In addition to pits and spikes, this environment features Stone Grimaces that will shoot at the player until all enemies on the room are defeated. These statues can be harmed by technology but not able to be moved.

Also, Keystones are present: these blocks can only be removed by touching them and spending one key. They typically block off access to a chest or slot machine and when removed may randomly drop a free pickup.


Boss monsters found in normal rooms


No Core Game Wrath of the Lamb
1 Basement Cellar *
2 Caves Catacombs *
3 The Depths Necropolis *
4 The Womb Utero *
5 Sheol Cathedral
6 The Dark Room The Chest
* Alternate Chapters

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