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The Dark Room is a chapter introduced in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The Dark Room is one of the game's ending floors, and the alternate floor to The Chest.

The Dark Room is accessed by opening the chest at the end of Sheol (just like at the end of the cathedral with the Polaroid), only if the player has picked up The Negative instead of the Polaroid. Similar to The Chest, rooms usually contain multiple bosses, but the final boss of the floor will always be The Lamb. The Dark Room can also be accessed through a Sheol Black Market trapdoor, or the trapdoor in an I AM ERROR room.

The spawn room always contains four Red Chests, and every subsequent Golden Chests found on the floor will always contain an item, unless it's a red one. After completing The Dark Room for the first time, the spawn room will also contain the golden door that leads to the Mega Satan fight.

Normal & Hard Mode
Chapter 1
The BasementThe CellarBurning Basement
Chapter 2
The CavesThe CatacombsFlooded Caves
Chapter 3
The DepthsNecropolisDank Depths
Chapter 4
The WombUteroScarred Womb
Chapter 5
SheolCathedralBlue Womb
Chapter 6
The Dark RoomThe ChestThe Void
Greed & Greedier Mode
The BasementThe CavesThe DepthsThe WombSheolThe ShopUltra Greed

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