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The Common Cold

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The Common Cold
The Common Cold Icon
In-Game Appearance
Common Cold Isaac
Tears Appearance
Common Cold Shot
Item Type
Passive Collectible
Pickup Quote
Poison dmg
Other Information
Collection Grid (A,3,11)
Recharge Time N/A
Found Treasure Room
Devil Room
Unlocked By Collect two of either Roid Rage, The Virus or Growth Hormones in one run.


Isaac appears sick.

Turns tears green and gives them a 25% chance to poison enemies for 2.5 seconds.



  • Technology 2 - Every tick of the laser's damage will have a chance to poison enemies, and since Technology 2 has an extremely high fire rate, enemies will be poisoned more often.


  • If you shoot at bombs, they will turn green, and the explosion will also be green, but the effect of the bomb stays the same.

Related Achievements

"The Common Cold" - Collect two of the following items in one playthrough: Roid Rage, The Virus, or Growth Hormones.

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