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This article is about the chapter. For the item, see chests.

The Chest is a floor found after opening the end chest at the end of the Cathedral while holding The Polaroid trinket. It is a brutal bonus level featuring rooms with multiple bosses. The first room you start in contains 4 locked chests, each with an item inside that may potentially give you an advantage for the difficult challenges that await.

Every chest on this floor, except the red chests, which give the same drops as on any other floor, contains an item to assist you. This means if you're feeling brave, it might be a good idea to explore the floor entirely to possibly get more items. If possible, acquire Guppy's Tail and save up your keys to have a better chance of spawning golden chests here. It also seems like Red Chests from The Left Hand trinket do not drop items all the time nor have any increased chance of dropping items.

Rooms in The Chest frequently contain two to three bosses or mini-bosses. Despite their numbers, their health is much smaller than usual, so eliminate the most threatening foe first before dealing with the other enemies. Occasionally, you might run into commonly found lesser enemies, though in numerous amounts.

It's important to note that you cannot usually bomb your way out of any of these rooms; placing a bomb next to a closed door does nothing. However, you can bomb your way into the Secret Room, even before you have completed the room you are currently in. Using the item Dad's Key will also allow one to exit a room before it has been completed.


  • 1: The room will always appear once in this floor
  • *: This room can only appear due to a bug or a special item
  • !: The room will work another way as known from other chapters
  • -: The room cannot appear in this floor.

Rooms from the core game
Rooms The Chest Note
Regular Rooms 22-26
Treasure room icon Treasure Room -
Shop icon Shop -
Secret room icon Secret Room 1
BossRoomIcon Boss Room 1
Challegne room icon Challenge Room -
Arcade icon Arcade -
Super secret room icon Devil Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card, or being teleported via Red Chest.
Super secret room icon I AM ERROR ! Only reachable by using the Telepills, which have a 6.66% chance to teleport Isaac to this room.

Being teleported to the I AM ERROR room will render the game unfinishable, as Isaac will get stuck in the room with nothing inside and The Chest backdrop.

Rooms with Wrath of the Lamb
Rooms The Chest Note
Super secret room icon Super Secret Room 1
Curse room icon Curse Room -
Sacrifice room icon Sacrifice Room -
Angel room icon Angel Room * *Only reachable by The Joker card, or being teleported via Red Chest.
Libary icon Library -
Boss challenge room Boss Challenge Room -


Monster Description WotL DLC
Black spider
Appears as only monster in a room in large groups on The Chest.

Moves erratically around the room, damaging Isaac by touch.

Quickly slides towards Isaac when he gets in front of it.
Minibosses (7 Sins) found in normal rooms:
Always paired with 2 different sins (Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, or Lust). Fires IPECAC shots at Isaac, while occasionally spawning Chargers.
Super Sloth
Super Sloth
Always paired with another Super Sloth. Fires 2 IPECAC shots at Isaac, while occasionally spawning Spiders.
Always paired with 2 different sins (Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, or Lust). Fires 3 fast moving projectiles in Isaac's direction, which will cause him to lose Coins when hit. Can spawn two Hoppers at once.
Super Greed
Always paired with another Super Greed. Fires 4 fast moving projectiles in Isaac's direction, which will cause him to lose Coins when hit. Can spawn two Keepers at once.
Always paired with 2 different sins (Sloth, Greed, Wrath, or Lust). Charges a Brimstone beam at Isaac when he gets in his line of sight. Occasionally fires 8 blood shots in all directions.
Always paired with 2 different sins (Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, or Lust). Fires short-ranged bombs at Isaac, similar to Dr. Fetus.
Super Wrath
Super Wrath
Always paired with another Super Wrath. Fires Super Troll Bombs at Isaac.
Always paired with 2 different sins (Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, or Greed). Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage.
Super Lust
Super Lust transparent
Always paired with another Super Lust. Walks towards Isaac at very high speeds, leaving a trail of red Creep behind.
Bosses found in normal rooms:
At least twice - mostly 3 of them per room.

Spawns Spiders and occasionally Sacks. Lays down white Creep along with the Sacks, which will slow Isaac down, but not damage him. Moves around by hopping large distances toward Isaac, and can travel nearly the entire length of the room in one jump.

Gurdy Jr.
Paired with 1 or 2 other Gurdy Jrs.

Spawns Pooters regularly, and can fire blood shots in all 8 directions. Will occasionally charge towards Isaac at very high speeds, bouncing off walls.

Always paired with Pestilence or War.

Charges out of the room, returning to his previous spot where he started the charge. Spawns Pooters when Isaac is not in his line of sight, up to a maximum of 2. Upon reaching 33% of his health, he will lose his lower body and no longer charge at Isaac. Instead, he fires 3 fast-moving blood shots at Isaac in a single spot, with a small delay.

Always paired with Famine or War.

Fires IPECAC shots at Isaac, which leave a trail of green Creep. Constantly spawns Chargers and Spities

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he will lose his head and start spawning Attack Flies instead of Chargers/Spities.

Always paired with Famine or Pestilence.

Charges to the left or right of the room, returning close to his previous spot upon charging 3 times. Fires 8 fast-moving blood shots in all directions. Occasionally goes to the top of the room, becoming invulnerable and spawning multiple Troll Bombs

Upon reaching 50% of his health, he will lose his horse and instead start walking towards Isaac at high speeds, dealing contact damage. During this phase, he can sometimes stop and drop to the ground, making him more vulnerable to damage.

Chub Full3
Moves around the room randomly, charging at Isaac if he gets in her line of sight. Constantly spawns Chargers.
Gurdy full
Stationary enemy that can spawn Pooters and Attack Flies. Can fire 5 blood shots at once in 3 different directions.
The Husk
The Husk

Always paired with another Husk.

Moves diagonally around the room, spawning Spiders and Flies. Vomits blood shots, similar to Monstro.

Monstro II
285x230-MonstroII full
Always paired with another Monstro II. Hops around the room in the direction of Isaac, similar to Monstro. Will fire Brimstone-like blood beams at Isaac if Isaac is directly right or left of him. Will occasionally launch into the air and land, twice in a row. Upon the first landing, 8 large, radial blood shots will fire, and upon the second landing, will spawn four Suckers around him.
Loki full
Always appeares in a threesome of Lokis. Constantly fires 4 blood shots in a plus or cross pattern, and sometimes in all 8 directions at once. Occasionally teleports around the room. Can spawn Boom Flies
Daddy Long Legs
VS DaddyLonglegs
Floating enemy that can stomp his feet down on the room. When he goes up to the ceiling, he will start stomping one foot at a time, each one tracking Isaac, similar to the Satan fight. When coming down from the ceiling, he will stomp his head down, firing 8 blood shots in all directions. Can spawn two Spiders at once.
The Bloat
Bc Bloat
Functions similarly to Peep, but has both of his eyes popped out from the start. He can quickly fire two Brimstone beams vertically or horizontally when Isaac gets in his line of sight.
The Carrion Queen

Always paired with another Carrion Queen.

Moves around the room, leaving Red Poop behind. Charges at Isaac when he gets in her line of sight. Can only be damaged from behind.

Upon reaching 33% of her health, she will start moving in diagonal directions.

The Wretched
The Wretched

Always paired with another Wretched.

Quickly jumps towards Isaac and deals contact damage. Can also spawn multiple kinds of Spiders, while leaving white Creep behind.



  • If you blow up a Slot Machine or a beggar on the chest, an item will appear instead of its normal drops. However, this will not work for Blood Donation Machines.
  • All rooms in The Chest will use the backdrop of The Chest, even the Devil Room or the Secret Room. This might be unintentional, since they usually couldn't be reached by regular means.
  • If you are fast enough after beating Isaac, you can run through the chest and out of the door, exiting the boss room. You will remain on your current map, you will be unable to fight ???, and all rooms previously unvisited will have Chest level enemies.
  • Teleporting to the I AM ERROR room with Telepills will end your run, as the room will be completely empty with no way out.
  • If the player encounter Krampus in the Devil Room of the chest, the music of Isaac/??? will play instead of the normal music.



Normal & Hard Mode
Chapter 1
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