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The Cellar is a chapter added in the Wrath of the Lamb DLC. Its appearance is similar to the Basement, but it has cobwebs on the walls and the floor is made of rotting wood.

396px-Wrath of lamb

A beta screenshot of the Cellar.

Many rooms in Cellar have spider webs in them which slow down things that pass through it. These spider webs can be destroyed by explosions.

The monsters "indigenous" to this floor are Spiders.


  • 1: The room will always appear once in this floor
  • 2: The room will always appear twice in this floor
  • Possible: There is a chance for this room to appear, usually due to certain criteria being met
  • *: This room can only appear due to a bug or special item
  • -: The room cannot appear in this floor.

Rooms with the core game
Rooms Cellar 1 Cellar 2 Cellar XL Note
Regular Rooms 10-12 14-15 21-25
Treasure room icon Treasure Room 1 1 2 Both Treasure Rooms are locked in The Cellar XL.
Shop icon Shop 1 1 1 There is always one shop, even in XL floors.
Secret room icon Secret Room 1 1 1
BossRoomIcon Boss Room 1 1 2 Boss Rooms are always linked in XL floors.
Challegne room icon Challenge Room - Possible Possible Will only be generated if Isaac has full health while entering the floor. Cannot appear in The Cellar 1.
Arcade icon Arcade - Possible - Only generated when Isaac has 5 Coins upon entering a new floor or part.
Super secret room icon Devil Room * Possible Possible Only reachable by The Joker card.
Super secret room icon I AM ERROR Possible Possible Possible Only reachable by using the Telepills, which have a 6.66% chance to teleport Isaac to this room.
Rooms with Wrath of the Lamb
Rooms Cellar 1 Cellar 2 Cellar XL Note
Super secret room icon Super Secret Room 1 1 1
Curse room icon Curse Room Possible Possible Possible
Sacrifice room icon Sacrifice Room Possible Possible Possible
Angel room icon Angel Room * Possible Possible Only reachable by The Joker card.
Libary icon Library Possible Possible Possible 5% base chance to spawn, 25% if Isaac is holding a book.
Boss challenge room Boss Challenge Room * Possible Possible Can spawn on The Cellar 1, probably due to a bug.


Monster Description WotL DLC
Flies slowly towards Isaac, exploding into an IPECAC shot upon death which targets other Spits in the room, or Isaac.
Black spider
Moves erratically around the room, damaging Isaac by touch.
Big Spider
Big spider
Moves erratically around the room, splitting into two SpidersBlack spider upon death.
Spider hopper
Quickly jumps towards Isaac with high distance.
White boil
Stationary enemy that shrinks upon being hit. Swells up slower than Guts and Boils. Spawns a SpiderBlack spider when fully swollen.
Harmless enemy that walks around the room, avoiding Isaac. Will drop a Troll BombTroll bomb upon death.
Walks towards Isaac, exploding with a large blast radius upon death or upon touching Isaac. The explosion does a half-heart of damage instead of the regular full heart.
Walks aimlessly around the room, firing extremely short-ranged blood projectiles from its head. Usually spawned after killing a Gaper/Frowning Gaper.Gaper
Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Usually turns into a PacerPacer or GusherGusher upon death.
Frowning Gaper
Walks towards Isaac, dealing contact damage. Usually turns into a PacerPacer or GusherGusher upon death.
Moves around the room, firing 4 tar shots in an X pattern.
Bosses found in normal rooms:
Aimlessly hops around the room, damaging Isaac by contact damage.



  • When Wrath of the Lamb was first announced, many thought that the alternate floor would be called the Attic instead of the Cellar.
  • The music in The Cellar was used in the demo.

Room Layouts

Normal & Hard Mode
Chapter 1
The BasementThe CellarBurning Basement
Chapter 2
The CavesThe CatacombsFlooded Caves
Chapter 3
The DepthsNecropolisDank Depths
Chapter 4
The WombUteroScarred Womb
Chapter 5
SheolCathedralBlue Womb
Chapter 6
The Dark RoomThe ChestThe Void
Greed & Greedier Mode
The BasementThe CavesThe DepthsThe WombSheolThe ShopUltra Greed

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