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What is The Binding of Isaac?

This wiki seeks to itemize and categorize all of the Items, Trinkets, Rooms, Monsters, Bosses, Secrets, Achievements, Playable Characters and everything else in Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl's game, The Binding of Isaac.


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The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Q&A with Edmund McMillen!

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Activity Feed

A Wikia contributor

I unlocked the Purist challenge and it relocked it for me??? Help???

A Wikia contributor

I can't even unlock this challenge... Instead of Isaac, in the Cathedral appeared "Daddy's Long Legs" and sth else as it says, but it looked l... 

  • discussion page That's my (sad) history
    created by A Wikia contributor 19 minutes ago

    A Wikia contributor

    dat english

    A Wikia contributor

    The same thing happened to me. 

  • discussion page Bug of The Cathedral?
    created by A Wikia contributor 23 minutes ago


    Maybe my version of TBOI is not updated at the newest...? How Can i check that?

    A Wikia contributor

    Me too... I want to beat Isaac in order to unlock "The Purist" challenge, but instead it says "Daddy's Long Legs" and sth more... and I fi... 

  • edit The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    edited by SkyRider3217 24 minutes ago diff
    Summary: Editing a gallery
  • discussion page Daddy Longlegs is missing from table.
    created by A Wikia contributor 46 minutes ago

    A Wikia contributor

    Someone please add Daddy Longlegs/Egg sack to the list.

    A Wikia contributor

    I've beaten "Daddy's Long Legs" at least it was what was written when I went to the final boss in the Cathedral. Still, 'The Purist' is lock... 

  • discussion page Unlocking the purist
    created by Xanderkip 4 hours ago

    A Wikia contributor

    Does it mean that I just have to beat Isaac in the Cathedral? I've beaten him about 4-5 times already, but completed the other challenges n... 



    Try beating Isaac again. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will. 

  • discussion page Polyphemus size maximizing
    created by A Wikia contributor 16 hours ago

    A Wikia contributor

    Polyphemus makes your tears bigger. Sacred Heart does too. Both together is the size of Isaac's head. However, Tough Love increases the size e... 

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