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The Binding of Isaac DEMO (also titled as The Binding of Isaac the Demo!) is a demo of the original The Binding of Isaac game released in October 8, 2011 after the full game's release from last month on September.

It is playable in Newgrounds for free which can be played from here.


Buy the Full Game

The image displayed after completing or losing the game.


Master of Sins - Defeat one of the seven deadly sins.
Basement - Complete the Basement.
Secret Room - Find a secret room.
Caves - Complete the Caves.

Main Series The Binding of Isaac (Wrath of the LambEternal Edition)
Rebirth (AfterbirthAfterbirth †)
Spin-offs The Legend of Bum-bo
Miscellaneous TBoI DEMOTBoI: Unholy EditionUpdates

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