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For the article containing a complete list of Bible references, go here.

The Christian scriptures, containing the 66 books of the New and Old Testament.


Upon activation, the player grows angel wings and gains the ability to fly for that room. Using the Bible on Mom or Mom's Heart/It Lives will result in an instant kill. Using the Bible on Satan or Isaac will instantly kill the player, but with The Wafer this is reduced to half a red heart and all soul hearts. It will not kill the player if used on ???, however. The flight effect will be granted as usual.[1][2]



  • As with most Activated Items, Items such as Habit, 9 Volt and The Battery decrease the charge time, increasing the effectiveness of this item.


  • Using this item to kill Mom or Mom's Heart unlocks The Halo.


  • Using the Bible in the boss rooms of Satan or Isaac (boss) will always result in damage to the player, regardless of whether that boss is alive or not (may be intentional).

Related Achievements

Halo "The Halo" - Kill Mom or Mom's Heart using The Bible.



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