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Technology 2

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A more advanced version of Technology.


Fires a continuous laser as Isaac shoots tears. The laser pierces enemies. Lowers current firing rate.

As any character, except Cain, tears will still fire from your left eye as before Technology 2 was acquired. Cain, not having a left eye, will only fire the laser. This also applies to all special tear-changing effects, such as Brimstone.

Multiplies damage by 0.67, and also multiplies the laser's damage per tick by 0.5.


  • Some special shot effects (e.g. Ouija Board) do not apply to the laser.
  • Mom's Knife - The damage of Mom's Knife is reduced, and the laser becomes completely cosmetic, doing no damage to enemies.


  • Brimstone - Stacks. A persistent laser will fire while you charge Brimstone's laser. The laser is affected by the -35% damage decrease of Technology 2.
  • Chocolate Milk - Stacks, while increasing the damage of the Technology 2 laser. If playing as Cain, the laser will always fire without having to hold down the arrow keys in the current room.
  • Dr. Fetus - Stacks, with a lower fire rate if Technology 2 was taken first.
  • Epic Fetus - The fire rate is slightly lowered, and the laser will only be fired during the cooldown period between each shot.
  • The Inner Eye - Stacks, keeping the 3 shots and the laser, while slightly increasing the laser's damage.
  • Mom's Contacts - Stacks. Technology 2's laser will also freeze enemies, essentially allowing the player to keep enemies petrified permanently.
  • The Mulligan - Stacks. Technology 2 hits enemies multiple times for small damage really quickly. Each hit has a chance to spawn a Blue Fly; this can potentially release a large amount of Blue Flies in a short amount of time.
  • Mutant Spider - Stacks, keeping the 4 shots and the laser, while slightly increasing the laser's damage.
  • Polyphemus - Stacks. Still gives Polyphemus' huge tears, which fire at about the same rate as the with Polyphemus alone, or the rate of the smaller tears with Technology 2 alone. More importantly, the damage dealt by Technology 2's laser is tremendously increased, killing normal enemies in a short fraction of a second and most bosses in a few seconds, making the game extremely easy.
  • Technology - Stacks, with the damage of the Technology laser reduced.


  • When playing as Cain with The Candle, Technology 2 will prevent The Candle from firing, essentially making it useless.

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