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I noticed that there is not attack fly on the monster picture list so that needs to be added.

Conorbebe 15:20, July 9, 2012 (UTC)

where can you find this game 19:39, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

on steam.

search for "The Binding of Isaac".

Doomspeaker Talk Contributions 22:02, December 6, 2012 (UTC)

Please put pictures next to the names

I'll do it, k honey? Oil Rope Bombs Talk Contributions 11:36, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

Eternal Enemy Updates/Behavior:

Eternal Moter (No Picture): Splits into 4 Attack Flies on death.

Eternal Fly: Dramatically increased health.

Eternal Pooter: Fires 3 sets of 2 tears in a diagonal pattern.

Eternal Boom Fly: Blast radius on death increased to ~1/4 of the room (3x bigger radius?)

Eternal Red Boom Fly: Fires ~3x as many shots outwards in a ring pattern upon death.

Eternal Sucker: Chases Isaac, occasionally firing 4 tears in a cross pattern.

Eternal Gut: Shoots IPECAC shots in groups of 3.

Eternal Sack: Spawns Spiders in pairs.

Eternal Walking Sack: Spawns Spiders in pairs.

Eternal Mulligan: Fires 4 tears in a + pattern whenever Isaac lines up with them (same as a Heart.)

Eternal Mulligoon: Occasionally spawns Spiders, does not spontaneously kill itself.

Eternal Mulliboom: Leaves a damaging trail of red creep, occasionally launches red IPECAC shots towards Isaac.

Eternal Hive: Spawns Spiders in addition to Flies simultaneously.

Eternal Swarmer: Splits into 3 smaller Swarmers on death.

Eternal Leaper: Fires 4 years in a + pattern with every leap, moves much faster than normal.

Eternal Mr. Maw: Will spawn either an Eternal Maw or Eternal Gusher on death.

Eternal Horf: Shoots 5 additional shots in a circular pattern in addition to a single shot directed at Isaac.

Eternal Red Maw: ?

Eternal Psychic Maw: ?

Eternal Gazing Globin: Same as normal Eternal Globin ?

Eternal Knight: Reflects tears shot from the front.

Eternal Selfless Knight: Reflects tears from the front, leaves damaging trail of red creep.

Eternal Mask + Heart: Eternal Hearts will fire twice in a + pattern, Eternal Masks will teleport to their host Heart when it is damaged.

Eternal Brain: Occasionally shoots a large homing blood shot at Isaac.

Eternal MemBrain: Occasionally shoots a ring of 8 large homing blood shoots at Isaac; splits into 2-3 Eternal Brains upon death.

Eternal Guts: Moves ~3x faster, will shoot 8 tears in cardinal directions when it lines up with Isaac.

Eternal Mama Guts: Occasionally shoots a ring of 8 large homing blood shots at Isaac; splits into 2-3 Guts (randomly Eternal or not?) upon death.

Eternal B. Licker: Leaves damaging trail of red creep, will slowly chase Isaac when detached from main group, ignoring pathing.

Eternal Parabite: Randomly teleports around the room; standing directly in front of it will cause it to spawn 3 smaller Parabites.

Eternal Fred: IPECAC shot becomes red and leaves damaging puddle of creep, will shoot more blood shots when jumping.

Eternal Lump: Shoots 3 sets of 3 blood shots when resurfacing.

Eternal Leech: ?

Eternal Kamikaze Leech: Splits into an Eternal Leech plus a Charger (?) when killed.

Eternal Holy Leech: ?

Eternal Red Host: Fires 5 tears in an arrow formation. 

Eternal Vis: Normal path as well as Brimstone laser leaves trail of red creep.

Eternal Double Vis: Normal path as well as Brimstone laser leaves trail of red creep.

Eternal Chubber: Normal path as well as launched little Chub leaves trail of red creep.

Eternal Eye: Spins in a circle, rapidly launching blood shots in a spiral pattern.

Eternal Baby: Launches 4 tears in a + pattern each time it teleports.

Eternal Angelic Baby: Launches 4 tears in a + pattern each time it teleports.

Eternal Keeper: Jumps farther and faster, aggro range increased, launches 4 blood shots in a + pattern with each hop. Can also cause you to lose keys instead of coins. 20:04, May 29, 2015 (UTC) ****

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